Leading epidemiologist believes that the pandemic will end soon


Citizens are at the end of their power everywhere in the world. Many will respond with resignation and a decision to loosen or abandon personal protection measures sooner, despite the real risks of infection. And they will start behaving as if everything is normal when it is not. The other, the epidemiological end will occur when the number of new cases is reduced to the level of sporadic occurrence. The earlier the social end occurs, the later the epidemiological one will occur, says prof. Dr. Dragan Danilovski, epidemiologist in an interview with Pedijatar.mk.

In the interview, he says that the vaccine will definitely overcome the pandemic in our country and in the world. Faster for some, later for the others.

“Macedonia will be in that second category. But it is only a matter of time. And a matter of patience. From a psychological point of view, it is always the most difficult when the end is in sight, but it never comes. The pandemic, in fact, will have two ends, one social, the other epidemiological,” said Danilovski.

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