Nikoloski to Zaev: Where did EUR 1.6 billion of citizens’ money go? (VIDEO)


At Wednesday’s parliamentary session, VMRO-DPMNE MP and Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski asked the government officials and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, where was the citizens’ money, i.e. where 1 billion and 600 million euros went, while no money was spent on healthcare, infrastructure, and no capital investment either.

“A few days ago, the 2021 Budget was adopted, in which the budgeted budget gap is around 600 million euros, provided that the projection remains, which I doubt and I think will unfortunately be higher, if we add the gap of 1 billion euros in the current 2020, in total for 2020-2021 we have a gap of 1 billion and 600 million euros, which is the largest cumulative in two budgets in the history of independent Macedonia” says Nikoloski.

Nikoloski pointed out that although there were announcements by the government that the budget money would be spent on healthcare, he said that the health budget has increased by only 59 million euros and is planned in 2021 at the same level as in 2020, cumulatively for the two years will spend only an additional 118m euros on health, and the total budget gap is 1.6 billion euros.

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