Three fake news of Zaev – New Clinical Center, new highway Skopje – Blace and construction of Chebren and Galishte


    Almost two years ago, Zoran Zaev promised to start construction of three capital projects: a new clinical center, a new highway Skopje – Blace and the construction of Chebren and Galishte. ALL THREE WERE FAKE NEWS, says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

    “Two years later, the epilogue goes like this: at the place where there was supposed to be a clinical center there is an empty meadow, the Skopje – Blace highway is stuck in bureaucratic labyrinths, and from Chebren and Galishte we are as far as the country led by Zaev from the EU.

    But, all this is not an obstacle for Zaev to promise these projects once again that have not even started to be built. The difference is that two years have passed in utter lies, and Macedonia is not moving forward.

    Therefore, it is time to change the government, to defeat the lies for Macedonia to move forward”,  wrote Mickoski.

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