Panovski gives a C grade to Macedonia for dealing with the epidemic


The Macedonian health system has withstood the pressure, and the health workers are heroes and deserving of respect, says Professor Dr. Nikola Panovski.

An ‘Average C’” is the grade for Macedonia in terms of how it dealt with the epidemic in the past year, says microbiologist Professor Nikola Panovski. What is not expected in the next period depends on the behavior of the citizens, but also on the arrival of the vaccines, 5 Dr. Panovski explains for Kanal, and adds that in the end, however, religion and science managed to find unity to avoid gatherings and prevent the accelerated spread of the virus.

Regarding the efficacy and safety of the vaccines, Dr. Panovski says that there are doctors who make false claims, and so far there is no official data that would confirm the presence of pork gelatin in the vaccines. It is important to vaccinate vulnerable groups.

According to the latest announcements from the health authorities, the first shipment directly from the manufacturer Pfizer should arrive in February, and will arrive in two, in the next two months. What the health authorities have not revealed so far is the total agreed amount, and the price per vaccine remains unknown.

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