PRO director: 245 companies did not pay salaries to employees, but use government financial aid


The November 2020 salary was not received by 782 employees out of 245 employers who use financial assistance from the state as one of the government’s measures to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

PRO Director Sanja Lukarevska at a press conference informed that for November of last year 13851 requests were submitted and 13178 employers were paid 1,028,448,344 denars for a total of 65,950 employees.

“As of November 29, 2020, 596 employers who received financial support of 36,655,907 denars did not pay the November salary to 2421 employees but as of December 31, 2020 the number decreased to 245 employers who did not fulfill the obligation for 782 employees. Reminders for unpaid salary have been prepared for these 245 employers, and if they do not pay it within a week, there will be a forced salary collection by blocking their account and transferring the transaction accounts to the unemployed persons. In November, 351 employers paid their salaries after the warning of the PRO,” said Lukarevska.


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