Ban in use of plastic bags starting 2021, unfulfilled promise of the Ministry of Environment


It is easy to make empty promises. You say it, you get applause and then you hope people forget what you said. And if they think, then you find various excuses why the procedure lasts indefinitely, the delay was not your fault, etc., reacts the Initiative Prohibition of plastic bags”.

Minister of Environment Naser Nuredini promised that starting January 1, 2021, with the new Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste Management, plastic shopping bags will be banned and only biodegradable bags will be released into circulation. January 1 has passed. A whole year has passed since the press of the minister, but the new law has not been adopted. In an attempt to create the impression that they are doing something, only a few days ago this new law passed the government procedure, reacts the Initiative “Prohibition of plastic bags”.

The initiative states that the Ministry of Environment misinforms the public when it presents the ban on plastic shopping bags as something that has yet to happen

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