Zaev: I believe that the census will be conducted as intended


The census is an urgent need and I believe it will be conducted between April 1 and April 21 as planned. Now there is a Census Law, it is implemented by the institutions and it is mandatory and there are penalties if it is not respected, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Monday.

“The census should be conducted because it is an obligation and because we are the only country in Europe that has not conducted a census, along with Somalia and some other countries. It is shameful, after 18 years, to still do research on whether there should be a census in the country or not. The census is not for listing the political parties or politicians in the country, but it is done for the sake of the citizens. The opposition says ‘when we come to power we will conduct a new census’. No problem, because the state will have another census in 2031 and we will see who will be in charge then,” said Zaev.

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