Government announces censorship of the media


There is hardly a day without a new shocking statement from the ruling party. SDSM’s weakness is the realization of the projects it promised, but that’s doing well when it comes to presenting a new project, from which the citizens would have no benefit and would not mean improving the standard of living which has fallen sharply since this the ruling party is in power.

The latest project that SDSM is now bragging about is that they will allegedly fight against the fake news that they themselves are the creators of, and on the other hand they now confirm that they are censoring the news. This was confirmed by the party spokesperson Bogdanka Kuzevska, who said at a press conference that the so-called “Action 21” plan will aim to prevent fake news, despite the fact that the opposition accuses that her party is the creator of fake news and spreads misinformation.

As Kuzeska stated, a plan and action will be developed with which there will be intensified activities and consultations with media workers and the civil sector against the spread of misinformation.

“As part of the Plan for decisive action against the spread of disinformation and against attacks on democracy, in the period ahead, there will be intensified activities, extensive consultations with media workers and the civil sector, and an even more serious, more intensive fight against disinformation, with the speech of “Hate and all other forms of hybrid threats against democracy,” Kuzeska said.

This would be fine if the government is determined and the first step in the fight against the spread of fake news would start with them. However, given that in the past the government censored the media that criticized it, it is not expected to show the desired expectations and positive results, but quite the opposite.

As a reminder to the public, this is not the first case of the government censoring the media, i.e. only a few months ago the public witnessed numerous criminal charges against journalists Ljupco Zlatev from Lider, Aleksandar Mitovski from Infomax, who in the public interest report on criminal activity of the government and its senior officials, but also prison sentences of journalists for publishing news with evidence.

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