Dimitrov: It’s time we take a break from the problem with Bulgaria until their elections are over


    It’s a rough road ahead. Very narrow and very steep. The enlargement process is in crisis and I think the EU’s failure to implement its own decision has sent a negative signal in a region bordering with EU countries, says Nikola Dimitrov in an interview with MIA. Asked whether he expected any progress in the negotiations with Bulgaria after the country’s March election, he says that politically sensitive issues are harder to settle before elections and during an election campaign.

    “Some Bulgarian political forces might want to use the issue in the campaign. I don’t think it could be of any help if we get involved in this narrative. I believe it’s time we take a break from this problem and basically from Bulgaria and I strongly believe it’s time to invest energy into sorting things out at home, in our own yard. It doesn’t mean we have to suspend the negotiations with Bulgaria, but I do believe our focus should be at home,” Dimitrov stresses.

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