Macedonians spend the majority of their day sleeping


Macedonians spend the majority of their day sleeping. They love watching TV. People aged 25-44 are occupied the most, and senior citizens over 65 have the most free time. Housework is still a woman’s responsibility in this country, and women lead in household activities regardless of employment status, shows a survey.

The latest survey on leisure was carried out by the State Statistical Office for the third time in a row.

It shows that in 2014/15, Macedonians started spending more time on sleeping, leisure activities, employment, eating and drinking, and less on home activities, self-care, and travel, as opposed to 2009.

The survey shows that the average time spent on sleep is 36%, i.e. 8 hours and 44 minutes. Sleeping over the day or night is included, as well as lying in bed due to disability, illness, or old age.

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