Miloshoski: The United States would not pardon the “gatekeeper”, like Krsto Mukoski in Macedonia


The storming of the Congress in Washington DC, which took 4 victims and left a deep scar in American democracy, is to be condemned. The one who ordered it and the perpetrator of the violence, i.e. the one who allowed the mob to enter the Congress, must be held responsible for such an act. Their responsibility will be a message that violence is punishable and unprofitable, and democracy is just, wrote VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski on Facebook.

“The United States is a country that I do not believe would allow the one who opened the doors of the Congress, like Krsto Mukoski in Macedonia, to be pardoned by the government and the court. In Macedonia, the perpetrator who opened the door to the violence on April 27 was pardoned, and then became an ally of the government and was richly rewarded with millions of tenders for his family company, which sent a message that if you are an obedient ‘jukebox’ MP like Mukoski, violence pays off both financially and politically. The bonus for the ‘gatekeeper of violence’ in Macedonia was the moment when he, as part of the state delegation in 2019, met with Pope Francis, with which the current government organized a kind of moral pardon for Mukoski in the Vatican”, Miloshoski wrote.

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