Stoilkovski: 55,000 workers out on the street, while Minister Nikolovski’s cousin hired for an enormous salary


Ljupcho Nikolovski, the minister who was supposed to fight corruption, is entangled in a new serious suspicion that his relatives are employed in the public administration. Macedonian Navigation (MANAV) is a state agency where the average salary is far and several times higher than the average and has been proven a bed for party and nepotistic employment of the government, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski at today’s press conference.

The opposition party spokesperson is urging Nikolovski to respond to public outcry over the fact that his relatives, uncles and cousins ​​are employed by MANAV while he is in office, which should be an example of preventing nepotism and corruption.

“At a time when 55,000 workers lost their salaries and jobs, Zoran Zaev’s ministers hire their relatives in the state administration for salaries of 100,000 denars (over four times higher than the average income in the country). MANAV is an agency where relatives, children, sons-in-law, cousins ​​of MPs and ministers from SDSM have been scandalously employed so far, without proper education, to the extent that there have been calls for pressure and the members of the employment commission have been changed,” Stoilkovski said.



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