Zaev: Our country doesn’t have vaccines because it is a NATO member, Serbia is more open to China and Russia, but they also have Pfizer vaccines


We have an uncomfortable feeling because the whole Western Balkans is lagging behind with the vaccination, except Serbia, which has no NATO aspirations and is normally more open to the Eastern world, China and Russia, and makes its own agreements. And, we are a new NATO member country, we generally stick to the Western world and the vaccines that are from the Western health and all institutions are confirmed and the like, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in Friday’s interview with “Triling”.

He also accused Pfizer that Macedonia still does not have vaccines.

“The expectations of the quantities produced by Pfizer were not met. So the countries that should get on average I do not know 100 units got 12-13 units or 12-13% in the first round, in the second also the quantities are reduced. I also understand why the prime ministers and presidents of the countries cannot share even from those small quantities as it was imagined,” said Zaev.

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