The corruption of Zaev’s government confirmed by international foundations


One of the remarks in the report of the American Heritage Foundation where we are in 41st place and we were in 33rd is because the government spent public finances on social transfers where there is a suspicion of corruption. The result for economic freedom of Macedonia is 69.5, which is a drop for several places in Macedonia for 2020.

In the past period, Macedonia has received several warnings regarding the widespread corruption in the country by several international institutions, NGOs and ambassadors.

Another confirmation from the Heritage Foundation about the existence of bribery by the government led by ZoranZaev with cards, and serving with pressure, threats, blackmail, etc.The report says the government’s reliance on high levels of public spending to fund public infrastructure projects and support social programs in the recent past has depressed government performance and spending indicators.

“Limited judicial independence, politicization of the judicial oversight body and inadequate funding of the judiciary are persistent problems. Corruption remains a serious problem, and government officials allegedly commit corruption with impunity,” reads a report by the Heritage Foundation.

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