Zaev responds to IRC: The state should take care, there’s radicalism in some of the communities


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev stated today that the Minister of Justice was informed that a certain court allowed the registration of a Salafist organization in Macedonia, which from a security point of view is a problem for the country.

“Unfortunately, there’s radicalism in the area of ​​communities, other deviant phenomena that the state should take care of in many other aspects, and it is not only the determination of the breadth of the law on religious communities. I have been informed by the Minister of Justice that a certain of our courts has registered such a religious community, which from a security aspect is a problem for the state. I believe that the competent services themselves will enter into resolving such issues and due diligence and respect I reviewed the document from the IRC. It has its bases and content and is only an additional reason why the state should act and find a solution on this issue,” said Prime Minister Zaev

He hopes that the competent services will enter into resolving such issues, and that the reaction of the IRC has stated all the grounds and contents which are, as he said, an additional reason why the state should act and find a solution to this issue.

Thanks to the Islamic Religious Community (IRC), the public learned Thursday that a new religious community was registered in Macedonia on January 20, called the Islamic Salafi Community Dar El Hadis, based in Skopje. The IRC condemned the registration and appealed to the Court of Appeals to an authorized person of the new community, a certain Sheikh Xhemalj Jakupi. From there they announced that the judge who signed this decision is Suzana Donchevska from the Basic Civil Court in Skopje.

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