Tour guides send several requests to the Government for coronacrisis assistance


On the day the World Tour Guide Day – February 21 is marked around the world, Macedonian tour guides and escorts protested against the Government’s attitude towards them and demanded to be included in the fifth set of economic measures to help the devastated tourism sector.

“Tourist guides are cultural ambassadors of their country and with their work contribute to the development of tourism in their country and beyond in the region. Due to the specificity and representativeness of our activity we are in the public interest for the country. But, unfortunately instead of being all proud of our profession on such a beautiful day, we are once again forgotten by the government,” reads the reaction.

They ask why and according to what criteria tourist guides are exempted from the fifth set of economic measures, given that they are in a difficult situation due to the pandemic, and were included in the previous set of measures. In addition, they require the line ministry and the government to respond to their requests for resolving our status, adopting clear protocols for their activities, and also to be included among the priority categories for coronavirus vaccination.


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