Mijalkov fled to Belgrade while negotiating a deal with Zaev, an embassy got involved?!


Sasho Mijalkov was not at home with high fever, but fled to Belgrade, reports MKD.mk.

MKD.mk reports that Mijalkov actually fled Macedonia on Sunday and made it to Belgrade, while negotiating his return with Zoran Zaev. Mijalkov faces a sentencing over the “Target-Fortress” wiretapping case.

According to MKD.mk, he negotiated with Zaev about the sentence he can expect to receive on Friday. The news site reports that Mijalkov demanded a sentence of no more than five years, no immediate order to begin serving it, and the possibility to drag the process out through the Appeals Court.

The news site reports that a foreign country’s embassy got involved in the negotiations and demanded that Zaev eMijalkov’s return to Skopje. Mijalkov’s return to Macedonia was facilitated through the embassy of this country in Serbia.


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