Siljanovska Davkova: There is no such census in any of the European countries


VMRO-DPMNE MP Gordana Siljanovska Davkova in her statement to the media said that it may seem unusual to someone, someone who deals with the law all his life, and who calls for procedures, to sign in this way. But I will explain why I signed and what I think about this act. I think that this is a kind of civil and political protest against a bad law, from Aristotle through Montesquieu to us, so the citizens have the right to protest. At a civil protest, and if you want, at a riot, as well. Why am I doing this here? Because we hear every day, why don’t you submit a draft law, why don’t you challenge the Law in the Constitutional Court, etc.,” she told the media.

“I am really interested in an example of a country where in the census instead of the resident population what with permanent residence means you and I who spend the day here at home and stay here to sleep is exactly the provision of the regulation, is there such an example somewhere enumerate those who are out for more than 12 months. Imagine such a census in Ireland or in neighboring Greece, or in neighboring Bulgaria, or in Italy, what will be the number of inhabitants or the total population. Why is this important? To conclude that this law is not a legal framework for statistics because statistics are needed for tomorrow to plan health, education, etc.,” said Siljanovska Davkova.

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