VMRO-DPMNE: In which country does a fugitive from justice end up under house arrest?


The circus organized by Zaev’s government in cooperation with the judicial bodies under his control, showed once again that in Macedonia there is no rule of law, but the mafia and crime, reads the party statement from VMRO-DPMNE.

“Mijalkov’s escape and his return is just an ordinary theatrical play that no longer passes even with the members of SDSM. After all, in which country a fugitive from justice, after being returned, ends up under house arrest and a series of other extra benefits. The whole agreement, together with the annexes, has been exposed by the public and everyone knows that this is a cheap bargain with justice, something that Zaev continuously does. The results of such an agreement are looming and the public is guessing. That is why the government is so nervous. That is why they are chaotic in their actions, so for an hour they issue arrest warrants, for an hour they complain about the system, for an hour they pretend to be determined, for an hour they lower their body temperature, for an hour they talk about coordinated actions. The truth is that the reaction of the public and other factors influenced them to change their minds and negotiate. Zoran Zaev has shown that he is the top of the corrupt and mafia pyramid in Macedonia, and his only role is to coordinate between criminal relations. The Mafia is that handful of people who rob the country, impoverish the people, and make themselves rich. This is the end, and it will end with the end of Zaev’s rule,” reads the party statement of VMRO-DPMNE.

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