There will be a budget review, but I don’t know when, says Besimi


Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi told a press conference Thursday that the budget this year would be surely amended as the country was still facing the consequences from the crisis.

Budget revenues since the start of the year are at pre-crisis level, the economy is expected to rebound and we’ll keep on using fiscal policy as catalyst for our economic recovery, Besimi said Thursday.

According to him, budget revenues by the end of February are almost at the same level as last year. Tax collection is 17.8 billion denars, the same as last year, whereas contributions collection stands at 10.4 billion denars, up 1.7% compared to last year. Expenditures realization is according to the planned dynamic the same as the realization of budgetary deficit.

The State Statistical Office, Besimi said, earlier this week published the real 2020 GDP. “Under positive influence of exports in the last quarter of 2020, the overall economic result last year is -4.5%, which is very close to the Finance Ministry’s projection of -4.4%.”

According to the Minister, the economy is expected to stabilize and get back on the track of economic growth and development.

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