Taravari: What is the point of introducing a curfew at 10 pm,while restaurants are open until 9 pm


The Commission for Infectious Diseases should take preventive measures before the third wave develops, this is when certain measures should be adopted. I see that our ministry is unfortunately copying the press conferences of the Ministry of Health in Serbia. So four days ago the Health Ministry of Serbia came out and said the same thing, the next day our ministry in Skopje came out and said the same thing. A friend of mine wrote on Facebook, we are praying that the number in cases don’t increase in Belgrade and Zrenjanin, otherwise they will put us in a complete lockdown, which is wrong. A curfew should have taken place, maybe before or after the New Year,” Arben Taravari told “Utrinski Brifing”.

Taravari added that this measure for prevention is brought too late.

Taravari pointed out that it is embarassing for the Ministry of Health to copy measures of neighboring countries. Can’t the minister find the strength to say that measures should be respected, and not to copy measures of neighboring countries, added Taravari.



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