Fifth set of measures uncertain due to the unstable majority in Parliament


Citizens are witnessing every day that the parliamentary majority is becoming more and more unstable, which was shown by the statement of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqii, who asked the MPs to “do their job” and adopt the fifth set of measures.

“The economic measures envisaged by the fifth set for COVID-19, was adopted on behalf of the citizens, and in that direction the MPs for carrying this set is to do their job like all the others in the country. Unfortunately, the Law on Financial Support of Wages was submitted to the Parliament on February 16 and the plenary session has not been scheduled yet so that it can go through the commission debates,” said Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs FatmirBytyqi.

Among other things, Bytyqi pointed out that they deliberately set the application deadline for February until the end of March so that the measures from the fifth set could include February. He announced that there was a possibility for the MPs from the ruling majority to submit appropriate amendments to enable that if the adoption of the legal solution was delayed.

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