Janushev: I hope that soon the SEC will start procuring fingerprint devices


If we talk about the quality of the election solutions in the Republic of Macedonia, I will say that we have quality legal solutions, some of them have weaknesses, they can be better and they can be better everywhere, the problem is in the implementation, and that comes to us this time with The implementation of the Electoral Code, said VMRO-DPMNE’s Igor Janushev in an interview with Alfa TV.


“On February 16, 2020, the Electoral Code was published in the Official Gazette of Macedonia, since then a year and a month have passed, no one has prepared conditions in this period for implementation of what is in the Electoral Code. It stipulates that from the first elections, whether they were extraordinary or regular, local, presidential, parliamentary, after the parliamentary elections in 2020 it is mandatory to use the principle or fingerprint, neither the budget provided funds for procurement, nor when they were sent Someone responded to those requests and to this day we are dragging our feet about it, because in Article 43 of the Electoral Code it is stated that the Ministry of Interior submits the necessary data and photos to the SEC and now someone smart there says no prints of finger,” said Janushev.

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