Simovski: It is possible to postpone the start of the census


Checking the enumerators with PCR tests is difficult to perform, because all 6,000 enumerators need to be tested daily, to wait for the results, and then to go to the field, but as far as vaccinating the enumerators is concerned, it can be done even if it is necessary and would agree to postpone the field census for a short period to carry out their vaccination, said director of the State Statistical Office Apostol Simovski at Friday’s press conference, answering a reporter’s question.

“In case PCR tests are done, we will have to do tests on about 6,000 participants every day and wait for the result the next day, so we can go to the census. How will we conduct this operation, I would be very happy for all participants and all citizens to be vaccinated, but we know that at the moment it is not possible. If there are conditions to vaccinate the enumerators, I will be very happy,” said Simovski.

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