Marichikj: Changes for the fingerprint devices are ready, it’s Xhaferi’s move


The text that specifies all the necessary elements in order to be able to procure the fingerprint equipment and put it into operation have been agreed and determined with the State Election Commission and was in the Parliament yesterday, said at today’s press conference the Minister of Justice Bojan Marichikj, answering a media question about the fingerprint terminals for the local elections.

The only thing that adds to that change, said Marichikj, is changing the period for holding local elections from the first to the second half of October this year.

“That text of these changes is fully prepared and can be immediately at the next session, depending on the agenda of the Parliament. This will be decided by the Parliament Speaker, in coordination with the parliamentary groups,” said Marichikj.

A provision stipulating that from the next elections the method for identification of voters through fingerprint will be implemented, Marichikj said, is still with the previous amendment to the Electoral Code, but it is not enough to operationalize the process.


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