VMRO-DPMNE submits draft law amending the Electoral Code to increase confidence in the election process


The Draft Law on Amending the Electoral Code was submitted in a fast-track procedure signed by all parliamentary groups. In this draft law, the amendments envisage two key things, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski.

“The first is to move the date for the local elections for the second half of October, which means that the local elections would be held on October 24 or 31 this year and the second change is to enable efficient use and realization of the legal obligation to use fingerprint devices during the voting, which allows the SEC to be efficiently connected to the database of the Ministry of Interior,” he said.

Miloshoski believes that these proposed changes will increase confidence in the election process, especially in a unfortunately polarized society like ours.

“The second thing I want to mention is that we expect during today’s government session to realize what was agreed at yesterday’s leaders’ meeting, and that the Government will transform the agreement to postpone the census for September into a proposal for changes and amendment to the census law and submit it to the Macedonian Parliament as soon as possible so that according to the agreement it can be voted before the start of the census,” added Miloshoski.

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