Amendments to the Electoral Code In May, electing a mayor in the first round unacceptable to most parties


Justice Minister BojanMarichikj expects a new amendment to the Electoral Code in May to implement OSCE/ODIHR recommendations. There will be changes in the election model, says Marichikj, if there is agreement. But the option of electing a mayor in the first round is not acceptable to most parties.

“Five and a half months before the elections is not “at the last minute”. I believe that in May we will have amended the Electoral Code with the recommendations of the OSCE/ODIHR. Whether we will reach that time to change the election model, cannot be said from now on. But we have the whole of April and part of May to wrap up this discussion. If there is a reasonable approach, it can happen. We need to keep in mind that the electoral model in our political system always changes by consensus. Therefore, we cannot impose a solution,” Marichikj told Sitel TV.

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