Ombudsman report: Jordan Kamchev is being treated inhumanely in prison


We learn from Mr. Orce Kamchev’s defense team that a report was sent today. The reason for the letter to all Embassies is a report by the Ombudsman, who after the inspection of the detention at the invitation of the defense, concluded inhumane treatment, torture, humiliating conditions and thus endangering the health of the detainee.

The claim of the defense that Mr. Kamchev was detained without any evidence, without the existence of a note and evidence from the ANB, i.e. he was abducted will be proven institutionally. To this, with this report from the Ombudsman which confirmed the allegations of the defense for inhumane, inhumane treatment and torture of the detainee is an addition that will seek full justice in the country and internationally. The defense is already preparing an application to the European Court of Human Rights – Strasbourg.



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