Parliament postpones census and local elections


The Parliament adopted late Friday the amendments to the Law on Census of Population and Housing by September. The amendments to the Law on Census were adopted by 95 “Yes” and 12 “No” votes.

MPs also endorsed the amendments to the Electoral Code for the purpose of postponing the local elections by the second half of October and setting up fingerprint terminals for the vote.

The amendments to the Electoral Code were also endorsed by 95 MPs, with none against.

This comes after the leaders of the two largest political parties Zoran Zaev of the ruling SDSM and Hristijan Mickoski of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, agreed on a tete-a-tete meeting last week.

The opposition’s request for a postponement of the census was based on the large number of people infected with the coronavirus, but there are disagreements in the methodology itself.

VMRO-DPMNE says that the diaspora is only registered, but not as a part of the census, while the Government says that a census is conducted for everyone, both to those who are in and to those who are outside Macedonia.

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