Greek conservatives express positive impressions after visiting Kurbinovo, Heraclea and Ohrid


During the past three days, Flora Karagiani, Director of the European Center for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments, and Maria Merzani, Director of the Office for Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments from Greece, paid a working visit to Macedonia.

As the Ministry of Culture announced, during the visit the experts from Greece with the director of the NI “Institute and Museum” – Prilep, BlagojAtanasovski visited the monastery Treskavec.

Their working visit continued in Prespa, where along with the director of the NI Institute and Museum – Bitola, MeriStojanova and the competent conservators, they visited the St. Ilija Church in the village of Grnchari and St. Gjorgji Church in Kurbinovo.

In Kurbinovo, they discussed the activities undertaken so far in the field of conservation of the church architecture and the activities that follow, as well as the upcoming project – conservation of the mural painting.

During the visit, the experts from Greece expressed their positive impression of the professional approach in the realization of the activities so far.

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