The peak of the third COVID-19 wave can be expected in two weeks, warns Dr. Danilovski


Epidemiologist Dr. Dragan Danilovski believes that the peak of the third COVID-19 wave can be expected in two weeks, around mid-April.

But, as Dr. Danilovski said in the Kanal 5Tv news, there was a period of climbing to reach the peak. Now we have to expect another such period of downfall, which means another five or six weeks.

“Social contacts have been reduced and the spread of the virus has been prevented,” Danilovski said.

He says that the health authorities constantly inform that the health system is not under so much pressure and that there are beds available. But, as the doctor says, the medical staff is exhausted, both physically and emotionally.

Danilovski believes that Macedonian citizens lead an unhealthy lifestyle and that is why COVID-19 claimed so many victims.

“They are closed in bars, at home meetings, in betting shops. They don’t go outside in the fresh air. Most of them are smokers, they eat unhealthily and these are factors that contribute to the diseases to have a more severe clinical picture”, says Dr. Danilovski.


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