If the officials involved in the “Mafia” scandal do not resign, Macedonia is likely to have repercussions on its path to the EU


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski discussing the current “Mafia” scandal said that the process of issuing passports to criminals, murderers and drug bosses was supported in cooperation with close associates of Zoran Zaev from senior government structures. He believes that it is not possible to carry out such an action of issuing passports to such people, and at the same time not to involve people from the government who were probably pressuring and bribing to get the job done.

Nikoloski says that this scandal will surely be reflected in the international plan of the Republic of Macedonia, because this does not befit a country that is a candidate for EU membership, and is a current member of NATO. He says that this case must not be taken for granted, because people murdered, stole, smuggled drugs with identities that really exist in Macedonia, and can now be arrested for having the same identity as the criminals.

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