Travel agencies to join the protests of the hospitality industry


Travel agencies are joining the protest the hospitality industry scheduled next Monday and announced that they will protest until their demands are accepted and realized. Travel agencies demand immediate non-refundable assistance from the Government and tourism vouchers to be used through travel agencies. They also ask the authorities to change the decision on the vouchers for the unrealized trips due to the covid crisis, ie instead of December 31 this year, the validity of these vouchers to be extended until December 31, 2022.

“The requests for support of the tourism sector are realistic and based on the great damage we have, for which at this moment we need the help for survival, so that we do not face a collapse. Requests for help have been submitted to the competent institutions several times so far, and therefore from Tuesday, April 20, we will join the protest of the caterers and will stay in front of the institutions, until our requests are not fully accepted,” said Ana Marija Aleksova from the Chamber of Tourism and Hospitality.

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