Commission for Infectious Diseases to analyze epidemiological situation before Easter holidays


The COVID-19 epidemiological situation in the country, according to the announcements, will be analyzed in the coming days by the Commission for Infectious Diseases, that will be followed by a decision whether there will be new measures during the upcoming Easter holidays.

Existing measures to restrict movement and other restrictions and measures to apply personal protection to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are in force until 27 April.

According to Health Minister VenkoFilipche, although the COVID-19 situation is stabilizing, we must remain extremely careful. Citizens should maximally respect the measures in force, and should be especially careful about the upcoming holidays which are a major epidemiological risk.

COVID-19 vaccines are the best way to fight the pandemic. Each of us must be involved in this fight. Only in this way will we be able to return to a normal life, to return to long-awaited hanging out with close friends, Health Minister VenkoFilipche wrote on his Facebook profile on Saturday.

He urged people to apply for COVID-19 vaccine online via the website.

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