Government denies allegations that Zaev collaborated with Turkish mobster Sedat Peker


The government today qualifies as information and manipulations the information that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev had any contact with Sedat Peker.

“Prime Minister Zaev and his family did not and do not have any meetings and cooperation with the mentioned person. We categorically reject as lies and manipulations all the news in which Prime Minister Zaev and his family are brought into any connection with the mentioned person,” said the government’s spokesperson Dushko Arsovski answering a media question at a regular press briefing.

The opposition has recently claimed that Sedat Peker, that has an international arrest warrant for drug trafficking on him, stated that he had a personal meeting with Zoran Zaev.

Opposition reports that Sedat Peker was one of the many criminals that procured a forged Macedonian passport.

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