New leaked audio recordings from the SDSM congress


The 26th SDSM Congress was held On Sunday, May 16, 2021, where only the top of the party gathered, and the delegates worked online, and after the congress held on Monday, two audio recordings of the atmosphere of the congress of the ruling party who were previously removed from social media.

In one of the recordings called “bombs”, the strong rival of the current party leader and Prime Minister ZoranZaev, the former leader of SDSM and former vice president RadmilaShekerinska, who is rumored to be left without the current duty of Minister of Defense, expresses concern over certain issues.

“I have to say that I am worried about some things and I want to be absolutely wrong. I’m worried that for some reason we are getting into the old trap. And that is to close our eyes to some problems that only we can solve, no one else. I’m worried about the feeling that if you keep quiet, there will be no problems. And those problems are only increasing. I’m worried about being suspicious when someone has an attitude and a position, right or wrong. And not when he sacrifices both the attitude and the principles for some personal purpose. And I’m concerned that we have come to trust and help more people who have escaped or distanced themselves, and less of those who have suffered with us. I hope my feeling that we are whispering about some things and not talking to solve the problem will not help it, it will only push the party away,” Shekerinska said.

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