Holstein: Ambassadors afraid that Bulgaria might call them for talks if publicly criticized


German Ambassador to Macedonia Anke Holstein said Thursday that she did not expect to cause problems for her colleagues in Sofia after she said yesterday that 26 member states are being held hostage by the small national interests of a country harming the entire EU and ruining the credibility of the Western Balkans.

“The fact that the Croatian Ambassador was summed for talks in Sofia is definitely in regard to the Croatian President’s statement at Brdo. Hopefully, I haven’t caused trouble for colleagues in Sofia, because I never used the word ‘Bulgaria’,” Holstein noted.

The Portuguese presidency is currently working on a proposal, a framework for finding common ground by June, German Ambassador Holstein told reporters on Thursday when asked whether North Macedonia will manage to start EU accession negotiations by the end of Portugal’s EU presidency.

“We don’t know what the proposal is. It’s based on negotiations held in Berlin last year, but on the other hand, the whole issue is now especially difficult for Bulgaria which is ruled by a caretaker government,” Holstein said during the handover of a German donation of COVID-19 tests for the Ministry of Health.

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