Opposition reveals a new affair – 250 thousand euros for PM Zaev’s brother from Rek Bitola


The affair revealed by VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski on Wednesday’s press briefing involves extortion-racketeering of funds from the “Rubiton Bitola” company, which won the public contract for coal mining in REK Bitola.

As revealed on today’s briefing, The owner of Rubiton says that there is no legal possibility for that, after which Kovacevski organizes a meeting with Vice Zaev in Strumica, in Hotel Park. The meeting is canceled, and Vice Zaev contacts the owners of the company and tells them that he will send GoranKrstev from Total Engineering, otherwise pardoned together with ZoranZaev over the Global case, to agree on the matter. The demands were for Rubiton to do the job, and 250 thousand euros to go to Vice Zaev, in cash. That amount was much higher than the possible earnings.

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