Zaev announces investments of more than EUR 8 billion by 2027


The Government presented on Saturday the 2021-2027 Intervention Plan on Investments (IPI). According to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, its total value is more than EUR 8 billion.

Most of them, he added, are private investments or EU grant donations, concessions, public-private partnerships, i.e. a total of EUR 4.2 billion. The PM announced for the next five years a large number of investments in ski resorts, energy, road, rail and gas infrastructure, waste processing facilities, as well as at least 30 foreign investments worth EUR 654 million in the near future at several locations in the country with a large number of new jobs.

“Both funds from our state budget, as well as from the credit lines that have been signed and are more than EUR 3.8 billion, which means that altogether we exceed EUR 8 billion of investments,” Zaev noted.

He said that an investment monitoring unit will also be set up for efficient implementation of IPI 2021-2027. This will be a coordination group from the public and private sector responsible for managing the procedures of the Intervention Plan on Public and Private Investments.

I firmly believe, he pointed out, that the health crisis is passing, and that only through work, sincere intentions and effort, better conditions will be provided along with continuous improvement of the living standard for all Macedonian citizens.

“The Government is here to give motivation and support for economic stability, for growth and development of our country, for a peaceful and stable life of our people. All this is completely complementary to all our fiscal strategies and strategies for economic growth and development. I believe it will be able to change the overall image and raise the economic standard of the citizens, the GDP, and overall export,” said Zaev.

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