Osmani assures that main topic of the negotiations is not the identity issues


The criteria have been met, now obviously the process depends on a lot of dynamics in the member states, but our mental approach is to work for June as the only chance to find a solution, although I have a personal feeling that in the next two years maybe June is the best chance, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani.

Commenting on current contacts with Bulgaria during Sunday’s press conference, he said he thinks that the main topic is not the identity issues, but a roadmap that would create predictability in the implementation of the Friendship Treaty.

“The roadmap is an acceptable solution for us that will create such predictability. We’ve discussed about such action plan on several occasions in the area of sector cooperation, but I think it’s more a responsibility of the member states to say where that roadmap will be placed and whether they’ll protect the European process as such, than it is ours. So, that part is on the member states and it’s up to us to work on defining the action plan as soon as possible,” said Osmani.

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