Over 97 percent of citizens access social media via mobile phone


Citizens use their mobile phones for internet access, with Google and YouTube the most visited websites. About 57.6 percent of population in North Macedonia or 1,2 million citizens actively used social media in 2020. Of them, 97.2 percent used their mobile phones for access to social media, show data of Digital 21: Global Overview Report.

Over 76 percent of citizens aged over 15 said they have an e-account in a bank, while only 20 percent said they shop and pay bills over the internet.

According to the report available at DataReportal.com, 82 percent or 1,71 million used internet in North Macedonia in 2020, a rise of 1.2 percent compared to 2019.

Most of the users accessed the internet through their mobile phones (56.4 percent), compared to the 42.5 percent who did it from their desktop or laptop computers, 1.1 percent used a tablet, while 0.04 percent a video game console.

The most used search engine was Google Chrome (77.8 percent), followed by Safari (10.9 percent), Mozilla Firefox (4.3 percent), Samsung Internet (2.9 percent), Microsoft Edge (1.8 percent), Opera (1.3 percent) and Internet Explorer (0.5 percent).

Majority of citizens use an Android smart phone (81 percent), while 18.8 percent an Apple, with the latter recording a 31-percent growth over the past year and the former a 5-percent drop of users in the country.

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