Dr. Panovski: Weddings will show whether wegained collective immunity


Hand hygiene should be taken care of, the same utensils should not be used, special attention should be paid when visiting the toilets, in those cases a mask should be worn. Everything else is on the conscience of the guests, whether they will hug, kiss, etc. Of course, alcohol will also influence the discipline. However, this will be a test of our collective immunity, says microbiologist Dr. Nikola Panovski in a statement for the news portal Lokalno.

The Government announced Wednesday the rules according to which a wedding will have to be organized. According to the protocol, six people will be allowed to sit at one table. The number of guests will be limited to 50% of the capacity of the facility, but not more than 100 people. Temperature will be measured at the entrance.

Live music is allowed but only during weddings. Musicians should be at least 5 meters away from the nearest table and should not move and sing among the guests. It is allowed to dance on the podium with a safe space of 4 square meters per person while respecting the recommended distance.

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