Professor Janevska tells Minister Carovska: A catastrophe happened when you withdrew a textbook due to a political request of a certain group


Whenever a minister withdraws a textbook, a catastrophe occurs, because first you do not explain why you withdraw the textbooks and I will remind you that at the request of a certain group you withdrew a textbook on geography, without any professional and scientific discussion just because the scientific elements in that textbook presented a professor suitable for that field, you withdrew a textbook at the political request of a certain group, VesnaJanevska, chair of the VMRO-DPMNE Committee on Education and Science told Education Minister Mila Carovska.

Janevska, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the Skopje State University “St. Cyril and Methodius “, in a TV confrontation, asked Minister Carovska if she thinks that children today, in the 21st century, should not have available materials or textbooks.

“Well, Minister, you know that we are neither Denmark nor Sweden. What I’m saying, I’m just saying that it will help the students, and it will also help the teachers,” said Janevska.

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