Mickoski: Zaev negotiates for assimilation and Bulgarianization of the Macedonian people


We have organized warning protests that will continue in the coming days, and our only request is the draft document according to which the Zaev-Buchkovski duo is negotiating with Bulgaria.

“We are upset and we have a reason and we have the right to be upset because serious diplomatic sources from Brussels and Sofia receive information that is really alarming for the Macedonian people, the Macedonian nation, I would say the Macedonian state,” said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Alfa TV.

Mickoski added that this moment was extremely important for the future of Macedonia and the Macedonian people because if this agreement which the Zaev-Buchkovski duo plans to approve and the same document to be part of Macedonia’s negotiating framework with the EU, then it is nothing more than a kind of assimilation or Bulgarianization of the Macedonian people.


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