Number of attacks on journalists increased, no media freedom


The Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) today presented the annual report on the indicators of the degree of media freedom and security of journalists in North Macedonia, prepared within the project Regional Platform of the Western Balkans, funded by the European Commission.

The research methodology, developed in 2016, has been harmonized over the years to standardize data collection and analysis and to adjust the research focus to changes in the traditional and online media environment in the Western Balkans.

Based on this standardized research tool, journalists’ associations from the Western Balkans assessed the latest developments in their countries and engaged in various advocacy activities to improve the political, legislative and institutional environment in which journalists and media work with the support of the European monitoring the development of media freedom and the safety of journalists in their countries.

In all three main indicators of the report, such as the legal framework for media freedom, the position of journalists in newsrooms and the safety of journalists, in 2020 there are no serious changes in the media sphere but there is an increasing trend of attacks, i.e. the security situation. journalists and media workers has not improved unlike last 2019 but on the contrary has deteriorated.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic crisis further exacerbated the financial situation of the media due to declining commercial advertising revenue.

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