President of the Criminal Court admits in a party statement that he violated the law


The statement of the President of the Criminal Court Ivan Dzolev is the same as if it was written by Zoran Zaev, with political assessments, and without legal arguments and justifies once again the epithets for “Swarovski”, “Louis Vuitton” judiciary, reacts VMRO -DPMNE on the court’s announcement on Thursday.

“Dzolev essentially admits that there is a lay judge (Mitko Sandev) who actively acts in court cases outside the prescribed law. Acknowledging the guilt for the illegal actions and actions of the lay judge, he shifts all the blame to the Judicial Council, which had a session just two days ago and dismissed a lay judge for exactly the same reason,” said VMRO-DPMNE.

The party says that Dzolev admitted that today’s hearing in the “Talir” case is illegal, including the sentence for VMRO-DPMNE is unfounded.

“VMRO-DPMNE was fined today only because it demanded that Judge Osman Shabani respect the law,” the party said.

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