Government debt increased to 7.2 billion euros in four years


The government owed the country another 44m euros on Monday, bringing the total debt to more than 7 billion euros, meaning the SDSM-led government has managed to increase the country’s debt by more than 2.4 billion euros in four years.

When SDSM took over the management of the state in 2017, the debt situation was around 4.8 billion euros, but in less than four years it made a new debt of additional 2.4 billion euros. According to experts, the government led by Prime Minister ZoranZaev for this period for years made a debt with which the percentage of debt from GDP is a staggering 62.5 percent and is approaching the percentage with which the state will already question the ability to service regularly.

The problem is not only in the debt that Zaev has created, but even more so in the fact that they have not invested in any project or capital investment with the borrowed money, experts say. They point out that a billion euros have been borrowed. The prime minister hinted that he would give 850m euros in measures to citizens and the economy, and had not paid more than 350m euros.


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