During VMRO-DPMNE’s rule Skopje was in a positive financial position, while with a SDSM mayor the city is in debt and unprepared for capital projects


Former Skopje Mayor from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE KoceTrajanovskipoints out the infrastructural stagnation of the capital, the wrong policies of the current Mayor PetreShilegov, as well as the bad projections for the future and development of the city.

Trajanovski stressed that at the time when he was mayor, the City of Skopje was named one of the most mobile cities in Europe, because it worked on facilitating the city public transport, the cable car on the nearby Vodno Mountain, bike paths through the Macedonian capital, as well as pedestrian zones.

“In 2009, public companies owed about 17 million euros, and in 2011 the City of Skopje was already stable and with a ready budget for investing in capital projects. It shows the strong administration, the dedicated work, as well as the clear vision for the progress and realization of the projects. In 2017, after PetreShilegov took power, the city is in debt again and the city budget is empty. That is a sufficient indicator for the non-domestic work “, said Trajanovski.

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