Nikoloski: The government is hiding the details of the treaty, they are going for a new national betrayal


VMRO-DPMNE  Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski visited the municipality of Gazi Baba where he gave a statement on several topics and answered several journalistic questions, including the question regarding the proposal of Zoran Zaev to Bulgaria.

Nikoloski stressed that with Zoran Zaev Macedonia can expect only national betrayals and here Zaev has no limit. The process that is being conducted is extremely non-transparent and the public has no information from the Macedonian government.

“I warn Zoran Zaev not to think of playing with the Macedonian national identity, the Macedonian language, the Macedonian culture, the Macedonian identity and the Macedonian history, because he will receive a fierce response to any attempt to destroy the Macedonian national identity, said Nikoloski.

According to Nikloski, even those before whom Zaev kneels down and begs in Bulgaria do not respect him because they see that he wants to erase himself nationally, and even tell him that they have done for Zaev so far, by helping him come to power.

“In the Republic of Bulgaria, the Government informs all political parties regarding the negotiations and all political entities are well informed, while in Macedonia the Government hides the most important and biggest issues that interest the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, because they are not favorable for Macedonia,” said Nikoloski.

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