Professor Siljanovska reminded that the head of state has the leading role in diplomacy, not the prime minister


VMRO-DPMNE MP GordanaSiljanovska-Davkova regarding tomorrow’s meeting of the Council of Europe and Macedonia-Bulgaria relations pointed out that the Prime Minister is not authorized under either the Law on Foreign Affairs or the Law on Concluding and Ratification and Implementation of International agreements, because we are talking about the implementation of the agreement.

“I am also shocked by the silence of the President of the country. The president is first in international relations, not the self-crowned Republican monarch – Mr. Zaev. Obviously, such a profile of a person suits our neighbor. Especially in a deformed prime ministerial system. How did Bulgaria come to this position? It came institutionally to Parliament, not outside the institution. “Not in informal groups, not in informal actions, but in the Bulgarian Parliament,” Siljanovska-Davkova said.

“According to the Copenhagen criteria, there is no such thing as what is happening to Macedonia,” the MP said.

“And the question is why the European family did not leave us at the mercy of our neighbors. But I am not surprised by what is happening, because from the Republic of Macedonia, which means the state of Macedonia, not a geographical Macedonia and not a historical and ethnographic Macedonia, but the state of Macedonia, you will transform into the Republic of North Macedonia, then you will become a geography. Until yesterday we heard that Macedonia is Greek, and now we hear that Macedonia is Bulgarian. I’m shocked. Rhetoric from the Balkan wars,” said the former opposition presidential candidate.

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